MD/PhD Program in Medicine, the Social Sciences and Aging

MD/PhD Program in Medicine, the Social Sciences, and Aging (T32 AG051146)

Program Director: David Meltzer

Administrator: Kelsey Bogue 
Phone: 2-4401

Openings: 4 Predoctoral, 0 Postdoctoral

The goal of the MD/PhD Program in Medicine, the Social Sciences, and Aging is to produce MD/PhD graduates trained in medicine, a quantitative social science or related profession (Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Comparative Human Development, Conceptual and Historical Studies in Science, Business, Public Policy, and Social Service Administration), and interdisciplinary approaches to aging research. Training in aging research will include theories and epidemiology of aging, policy issues for older adults, health services and outcomes research methods, and exposure to health care institutions. There are two tracks through which trainees can apply to the program: 1). The MD-PhD Program in Medicine the Social Sciences and Humanities (MeSH) at the Pritzker School of Medicine, through which students earn both an MD and a PhD at UChicago; and 2). The National Track, through which students can receive their MD at any U.S. medical school and their PhD at UChicago.

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Training Faculty

  • Meltzer, David: Improving the Cost and Quality of Hospital Care; theoretical Foundations of Medical Cost Effectiveness and Analysis Applied in the Context of Diabetes and Prostate Cancer; integrated inpatient and Outpatient Care for High-Risk Medicare Patients
  • Abbott, Andrew: Ecological Theories Of Occupations
  • Adelman, Daniel: Management Analytics
  • Ahsan, Habibul: Interdisciplinary Research in Environmental and Molecular Epidemiology and Prevention of Cancer and Chronic Diseases, Especially in the Area of Arsenic-Related Cancer and Chronic Diseases
  • Arora, Vineet: Improving Quality and Safety in Teaching Hospitals, with Specific attention to Improving Handoff Communication and Preventing Hazards of Hospitalization Among Older inpatients
  • Ata, Baris: Using Stochastic Models to Study Delivery of Healthcare Services, Sustainable Operations, Management of Manufacturing and Service Operations, Queuing theory, and Revenue Management
  • Baig, Arshiya: Mitigating Health Disparities in Latino Populations, including Reducing Latino Diabetes Disparities
  • Bennett, Daniel: Economic Behavior and Global Health
  • Black, Dan: Impact of Education on the Mortality Rates of Older Americans
  • Burnet, Deborah: Community-Based Research to Address Obesity and Diabetes Risk
  • Burt, Ronald: Creating Competitive Advantage Through Neighbor Networks and Social Capital
  • Cagney, Kathleen: Relationship of Environment to Health and Well-Being of Older Adults
  • Charles, Kerwin: Applied Microeconomics
  • Chin, Marshall: Improving the Care and Outcomes of Vulnerable Patients with Chronic Disease, Diabetes Care in Community Health Centers and Assessment of Treatment Preferences of Older Persons with Diabetes
  • Christensen, Hans: Transparency Price Regulation and How It Affects Patient “Shopping” Behavior; Impact of Disclosure of Physician Error on Patient Choices
  • Daugherty, Christopher: Ethical Issues in Cancer Care and Clinical Research
  • Davern, Michael: Medicaid Enrollment Estimates; Designing Health Survey Instruments
  • Dignam, James: Cancer Clinical Trial Design and Conduct; influence of Racial/Ethnic Background and Lifestyle Factors on Cancer Prognosis; Competing Risks and Multiple Endpoints in Survival Analysis
  • Eisenstien, Don: Services, Logistical Systems, Health-Care, and Public Transportation
  • Evans, James: Relationship Between Health Burden in Society and the Direction of Research and Funding
  • Farquhar, Judith: Self-Health Practices Among Aging Retirees in Beijing
  • Foster, Ian: High-Performance Networking and investigations of Parallel and Distributed Languages
  • Gavrilov, Leonid: Aging and Longevity
  • Gavrilova, Natalia: Biodemography of Aging and Longevity, Centenarian Studies, and Application of New Web-Based Computer Technologies to Biomarker Studies
  • Getz, Godfrey: Role of Apolipoproteins in atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Gibbons, Robert: Longitudinal Data Analysis and Modeling Health Outcomes Across the Lifespan
  • Gilliam, Melissa: Reproductive Health Across the Lifecourse
  • Grogan, Colleen M.: Health Policy, Health Politics, Participatory Processes, and the American Welfare State
  • Grossman, Bob: Application of Biomedical informatics, Data intensive Computing, Big Data, and Data Science to the Aging Population
  • Gupta, Varun: Stochastic Modeling and Optimization, Applied Probability, Algorithm Design and Analysis, and Mechanism Design
  • Hawkley, Louise C.: Psychological, Physiological, and Health Correlates of individual Differences in Sociality During Aging
  • Heckman, James: Inequality and Lifecycle Dynamics of Skill Formation
  • Huang, Elbert: Diabetes, Aging, and Health Economics
  • Kalil, Ariel: Impact of Economic Conditions and Parents’ Socioeconomic Status Across the Lifespan
  • Kim, Karen: Chemoprevention for Colon Cancer and Screening Methods for Populations with Average and High Risk; Understanding attitudes, Knowledge, and Beliefs Regarding Cancer Screening in Minority Populations
  • King, Andrea: Identifying Risk Factors, Biological Vulnerability, and Co-Morbidities in Substance Use Disorders; Targeting Treatments for Minority and Underserved Smokers
  • Konetzka, Tamara: Health Economics, Long- Term Care; Effects of Financing and Market Structure on Quality of Care; Medicare and Medicaid Policy; Health Workforce Issues
  • Lauderdale, Diane S.: Sleep Quality and Functional Health Status at Older Ages
  • Laumann, Edward O.: Human Sexuality Among Older Americans, Sexuality in Urban Places, Subjective Well-Being, Quality of Life, Health Status, and Social Networks in Various Social Contexts
  • Lindau, Stacy: Female Sexual Function in the Context of Aging, Cancer and Common Illnesses
  • Ludwig, Jens: Urban Policy Challenges Related to Crime, Education, Poverty, Housing, and Health
  • McClintock, Martha K.: Biopsychology, Phermones and Social Behavior Among Older Adults
  • McCracken, Stanley: Mental Health and Aging
  • Mulligan, Casey: Non-Pecuniary Incentives to Save and Work; Retirement Policy
  • Murphy, Kevin: Empirical Analysis of inequality, Unemployment, and Relative Wages; the Economic Value of Improvements in Health and Longevity
  • Nusbaum, Howard: Neural Mechanisms of Comprehension and Production
  • O’Muircheartaigh, Colm: Survey Sample Design, Measurement Errors in Surveys, Cognitive Aspects of Question Wording, and Latent Variable Models for Nonresponse
  • Peek, Monica: Health Disparities, Breast Cancer, and Diabetes
  • Philipson, Tomas: Health Economics and Microeconomics
  • Pinto, Jayant: Age-Related Olfactory Decline; Chronic Rhinosinusitis
  • Polite, Blasé: Racial and Ethnic Differences in Colon, Breast, and Lung Cancer Outcomes
  • Pollack, Harold: Interface of Poverty Policy and Public Health
  • Press, Valerie: Health Literacy; Health Disparities; Improving Patient Self-Management of Chronic Disease
  • Raikhel, Eugene: Anthropology of Medicine, Biomedicine, Psychiatry, and Healing
  • Ratain, Mark: Cancer Research, including the Development of New oncology Drugs, and Developing Diagnostic Tests in Order to Create individualized Anticancer therapies Based on Each Person’s Genetic Makeup
  • Richards, Robert: History of Biology and Psychology; Evolutionary Biopsychology, Ethology, and Sociobiology
  • Ross, Lainie: Ethical and Policy Issues in Organ Transplantation; Health Care Disparities, Genetics, and Human Subjects Protections
  • Sandikci, Burhaneddin: Medical Decision Making and Health Care Operations; Impact of Partially Observable Waiting List information for Liver Transplant Patients on Life Expectancy
  • Schneider, John: Use of Social Network Interventions in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Schumm, L. Philip: Social Relationships and Health Among Older Adults
  • Shapiro, Brad: Impact of Advertising, Public Policy, and Competition on Pharmaceutical industry, which Is Heavily Dependent on the Aging Population
  • Shweder, Richard: Cultural Psychology on Explanations of Illness, Ideas About the Causes of Suffering, and the Moral Foundations of Family Life Practices in the Hindu Temple town of Bhubaneswar on the East Coast of India
  • Siegler, Mark: Medical Ethics, Improving the Doctor-Patient Relationship
  • Topel, Robert: Health Economics
  • Volchenboum, Samuel: Biomedical Informatics
  • Waite, Linda: Social Demography, Aging, the Family, Health, Working Families, and the Link Between Biology, Psychology, and the Social World
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