Cardiovascular Sciences Training Grant (T32 HL007381)

Program Director: James K. Liao

Administrator: Phetcharat Chen
Phone: 4-0415

Openings: 3 Predoctoral, 6 Postdoctoral

The Cardiovascular Training Grant supports both postdoctoral (M.D. and Ph.D.) and predoctoral (Ph.D.) students for terms of 2-3 years to work in the laboratories of one of 32 trainers, whose research is in the cardiovascular sciences. The trainers include faculty from Cardiology, Pathology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Pharmacology and Physiology, and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The program emphasizes training in vascular biology, atherosclerosis, cardiac development, cellular electrophysiology, cellular metabolism, cell signaling, gene regulation, and genetic disease.

Training Faculty

  • Liao, James: Signaling in vascular biology
  • Moskowitz, Ivan: Heart development, septation and conduction system disease
  • Alenghat, Francis: Macrophage Signaling in Inflammation and Atherosclerosis
  • Beyer, Eric: Gap junctions
  • Di Rienzo, Anna: Complex trait genetics (salt water retention, altitude adaption)
  • Dulin, Nickolai: CV cell signaling
  • Fang, Yun: Non-coding RANs in Vascular Pathophysiology
  • Giger, Mary Ellen: Novel imaging techniques
  • Gilad, Yoav: iPS cells, cardiomyocyte differentiation, genetics
  • Gounari, Fotini: Inflammation in atherosclerosis and disease
  • Grossman, Robert: Systems analysis
  • Gupta, Mahesh: Mechanisms of cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure
  • Ho, Robert: TBox transcription factors in development
  • Huang, Jun: T cell recognition, function and development
  • Hubbell, Jeffrey: Protein and materials engineering,growth factor engineering, growth factor matrix interactions, angiogenesis
  • Keenan, Robert: Transmembrane targeting of proteins
  • Kim, Gene: miRNAs in heart failure and arrhythmias
  • Lang, Roberto: CV imaging
  • Li, Yan Chun: Vit D in the CV system
  • Nicolae, Dan: Complex trait genetics
  • Nobrega, Marcelo: Heart development, complex trait genetics
  • Ober, Carole: Complex trait genetics, CV traits in isolated populations
  • Pan, Tao: Translational regulation, the function of RNA modifications in cell growth, adaptation and development
  • Prabhakar, Nanduri: Hypoxia in CV disease
  • Prince, Victoria: Developmental specification, stem cell biology
  • Rebay, Ilaria: Receptor tyrosine kinase signal transduction; transcriptional regulatory circuitries
  • Rzhetsky, Andrey: Systems analysis, genetics, complex traits
  • Schwartz, Nancy: Matrix regulation
  • Sharp, Willard: Resuscitation biology
  • Solway, Julian: Smooth muscle differentiation and function
  • Swartz, Melody: Elucidating and exploiting the roles of lymphatic function
  • Tirrell, Matthew: Biomolecular engineering and nanotechnology
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