Training in Emerging Multidisciplinary Approaches to Mental Health and Disease (T32 MH020065)

Program DirectorsAndrey Rzhetsky and Dan Nicolae

Administrator: Erin Gannon
Phone: 2-9842

Openings: 2 Predoctoral, 3 Postdoctoral

The Training in Emerging Multidisciplinary Approaches to Mental Health and Disease Training Grant (T32MH020065) is funded by NIMH and provides specialized training to both graduate and postdoctoral trainees. The training grant organizes a series of on-campus retreats as well as a journal club and seminar series. We have a broad view of psychiatric genetics which emphasizes the following areas:

  • Integration of computational and statistical approaches to complex datasets
  • Hypothesis driven laboratory-based experimental approaches
  • Multidisciplinary science

More information on the program in multidisciplinary psychiatric genetics training can be found at the program website.

Training Faculty:

  • Abney, Mark: Statistical genetics, GWAS, QTL, linear mixed models, accounting for relatedness
  • Badner, Judith A.: Statistical gentics, GWAS of psychiatric traits, human genetics, bipolar, schizophrenia.
  • Bell, Graeme: Relationship of diabetes and behavioral traits, human genetics, GWAS
  • Biron, David: Studying the sleep-like behavior of the nematode C. elegans.
  • Coccaro, Emil F.: Twin studies, psychiatric gentics, aggressive behavior, intermitant explosive disorder
  • de Wit, Harriet: Human gentics, GWAS, candidate genes, drug abuse, anxiety, individual variability, geneder
  • Di Rienzo, Anna: Population genetics, genetic determinants of cortisol response and senstivity
  • Gilad, Yoav: Gene expression in primates, effect of gender on gene exprssion, epigenetics, nextgen
  • Gilliam, T. Conrad: Human genetics, GWAS, linkage, autism, bipolar, epilepsy, network analysis
  • Jacobson, Kristen C.: Twin studies, psychiatric gentics, aggressive behavior, at risk youth
  • Lahey, Ben: Twin studies, GWAS, Child and Adolescent Mental Disorders, ADHD, conduct disorder
  • London, Sarah: Zebra finch song learning, brain development, learning, genomics
  • Long, Manyuan: Foraging Behavior in Drosophila, reproductive, brain development, gene evolution
  • Nicolae, Dan: Statistical genetics, GWAS, eQTL, CNVs, genomics, meta-analysis
  • Nobrega, Marcelo: Regulation of gene expression, epigentics, enhancers, behavior in Tcf7l2 mutant mice
  • Ober, Carole: Human genetics, GWAS, linakge, population isolates, sleep, sex, odor preference
  • Prince, Victoria: Zebrafish, neuron migration, brain development, behavior
  • Rzhetsky, Andrey: Natural language processing, medical records, data mining, psychiatric diseases, autism
  • Stephens, Matthew: Statistical genetics, Baysian statistics, pharmacogenomics, amphetamine sensitivity
  • Thornton, Joe: Co-evolution of cortosol receptors and ligands, functional synthesis of biology and evolution
  • Vezina, Paul: Basal ganglia and appetitive behaviors, siRNA, viral vectors, kinases, rat genetics
  • Xu, Ming: Basal ganglia, knockout mice, molecular basis of behavior, drug abuse, dopamine, mice
  • Zhuang, Xiaoxi: Dopamine regulation, reward, motivation, decision making, feeding behavior, mice
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