Faculty Honors & Awards

Erin Adams, PhD 01/12/2017

Professor Erin Adams was named the Joseph Regenstein Professor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the College. Adams also holds appointments in the Committees on Immunology and Cancer Biology and is one of four principal investigators for the myCHOICE program.

Geoffrey Greene, PhD 11/22/2016

Professor Geoffrey Greene (the Virginia and D. K. Ludwig Professor and Chair of the Ben May Department for Cancer Research; Chair, Committee on Cancer Biology) has been named a 2016 AAAS Fellow "for distinguished contributions to the field of steroid hormone action and breast cancer, particularly for the development of estrogen and progesterone receptor antibodies." Read the full story on our News page

Zhe-Xi Luo, PhD 11/22/2016

Professor Zhe-Xi Luo (Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy, Committee on Evolutionary Biology) has been named a 2016 AAAS Fellow "for outstanding descriptions of mammals from Jurassic and Cretaceous strata of China, and for documenting the diversity, ecology and relationships of early mammals." Read the full story on our News page.

Clifton Ragsdale, PhD 11/22/2016

Professor Clifton Ragsdale (Departments of Organismal Biology and Anatomy and Neurobiology; Committees on Neurobiology; Evolutionary Biology; and Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cell Biology) has been named a 2016 AAAS Fellow "for exceptionally insightful experimental observations on the evolution and development of the brain." Read the full story on our News page.

Jonathan Staley, PhD 11/22/2016

Professor Jonathan Staley (Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology; Committee on Genetics, Genomics, and Systems Biology) has been named a 2016 AAAS Fellow "for distinguished contributions to the RNA splicing field, particularly conformational rearrangements, maintenance of fidelity and active site of the spliceosome, a highly dynamic RNA-protein machine." Read the full story on our News page.

Neil Shubin 11/17/2016

On Friday, November 4, 2016, Neil Shubin (Robert R. Bensley Professor, Organismal Biology and Anatomy; Committee on Evolutionary Biology; Committee on Development, Regeneration & Stem Cell Biology) received the Addison Emery Verrill Medal from the Yale Peabody Museum. Read more.

Michael Rust, PhD

Michael Rust, PhD


Michael Rust, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology and Core Member and Fellow at the Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology, was recently named a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Faculty Scholar, a five-year grant awarded in conjunction with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Simons Foundation. This honor is given to early-career scientists who are likely to make great contributions in their field.  

Maryellen Giger, PhD

Maryellen Giger, PhD


Maryellen Giger (A.N. Pritzker Professor of Radiology) has been named a TIAS Faculty Fellow for the Class of 2016-17 at Texas A&M University. This honor is awarded to 10 distinguished faculty each year in the fields of chemistry, mathematics, engineering, medicine, astronomy, atmospheric science, marketing or law. They represent institutions across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Read more about the TIAS Faculty Fellows program.

Nicholas Hatsopoulos

Nicholas Hatsopoulos, PhD


Professor Nicho Hatsopoulos (Committee on Evolutionary Biology; Committee on Computational Neuroscience; Committee on Neurobiology) was honored with a 2016 Faculty Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching and Mentoring

Daniel McGehee

Daniel McGehee, PhD


Daniel McGehee (Associate Professor, Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care, Committee on Cellular and Molecular Physiology, Committee on Neurobiology) won a 2016 Llewellyn John and Harriet Manchester Quantrell Award. The Quantrell honors inspired undergratuate teaching at the University of Chicago. 

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