Biotech adopts tech's popular coding boot camp model

UChicago alum Josiah Zayner PhD '13 has created a new program to train non-biotech students to perform entry level biotech jobs. Zayner's program mimics the tech world's coding bootcamps, which train people to perform tech entry level jobs in an intensive over several months. The tech industry has thrived hiring people with this kind of training, but the biotech industry may be less receptive. Despite this, Zayner's program aims to reach populations who have lost their jobs due to layoffs or industry collapse. The goal is to give people a chance to learn new skills in a time and cost effective manner. Students who enter this program will have all expenses paid--and much like in the tech industry they will defer their payment to the program until the program can be paid by a percentage of the students salary. 

To learn more about Zayner's foray into the bootcamp structure read the full article at Statnews.

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