E. E. Just Lecture Janina Jeff, May 13, 2 PM - BSLC 115

Save the date: Dr. Janina Jeff will join us to deliver the annual E. E. Just Lecture on campus on Friday, May 13, 2022, 2pm, BSLC 115. Students are invited to attend a Q&A session with Dr. Jeff at 1pm. Please register to attend the Q&A session, Lecture and/or Reception afterwards in the lobby of BSLC.

Dr. Jeff is a Senior Bioinformatics scientist at Illumina where she develops genomic pipelines used in population screening. Her academic research career has focused on population genetics, with an emphasis on admixed populations and genetic risk factors of common diseases. She is specifically interested in identifying genetic variants that explain disease disparities across populations (Scientific Publications).

Dr. Jeff is also the host and executive producer of the award winning show In Those Genes, a podcast that links genetics, African American identity, and Black culture. In 2020, Dr. Jeff was awarded American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) Advocacy Award for her exceptional science communication and outreach.

A gifted public speaker Jamina's voice populates the internet with her insightful perspectives and electric energy.