Thomas Nagylaki, Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolution, 1944-2019

On February 10, 2019, we are sad to report that Thomas Nagylaki passed away due to liver disease complications. Dr. Nagylaki, professor emeritus, worked in the Department of Ecology and Evolution and was a member of the Committee on Genetics, Genomics &Systems Biology.

John Easton from the Forefront explains more about Nagylaki in his article:

'Nagylaki studied theoretical population genetics -- primarily, as he put it, the "formulation and analysis of models for geographical variation, random genetic drift, natural selection and gene conversion in multigene families." His aim, he posted on his website, was to "augment our understanding of the genetic structure and evolution of natural populations."

Nagylaki may have been best known for his early work on theoreticl population genetics, but according to his friend and  colleague, Reinhart Burger, PhD, a mathematician at the University of Vienna, he also produced "subtle and beautiful new results over the past 10 years."'

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