Robert B. Uretz, PhD

Easing financial burden for first year graduate students

In 2019, Jane Miller, LAB’77, established the Robert B. Uretz, PhD, Memorial Awards in memory of her father, Robert Uretz, SB’47, PhD’54, and his commitment to graduate education. The awards, which provide financial support to incoming graduate students in the Division of the Biological Sciences...

Edward Bouchet

BDC to sponsor 3 students to attend Bouchet Conference at Yale in April

This year the Biological Sciences Diversity Committee (BDC) would like to sponsor three BSD graduate students to attend the Bouchet Conference at Yale...

Briseis Aschebrook Kilfoy

NIH awards $170M to national network of universities for Nutrition for Precision Health study

Public Health Sciences faculty member, Dr. Briseis Aschebrook-Kilfoy is leading the University of Chicago effort to contribute to an ambitious six university NIH research...

Chuan He

RNA breakthrough creates crops that can grow 50% more potatoes, rice

Manipulating RNA can allow plants to yield dramatically more crops, as well as increasing drought tolerance, announced a group of scientists from the University of Chicago, Peking University and Guizhou University. In initial tests, adding a gene encoding for a protein called FTO to both rice...

Chin-Tu Chen and Cyclotron

Access to medical radioisotopes spurs new research into disease

UChicago Medicine is the only academic health system in Illinois with an operational cyclotron. A cyclotron is a machine that accelerates a particle along a spiral path. The particle’s energy increases as it circulates through the machine. Once it has gained enough energy, the particle hits a...

Silas Busch

Dean’s Outstanding Teaching Assistant Prize awarded to Silas Busch. Farrell, Hur, McIntire and Veseli also recognized

The 2020-2021 Dean’s Outstanding Teaching Assistant Prize for the best performance by a BSD graduate student who is TAing in fulfillment of the Divisional Teaching Requirement was awarded to Silas Busch. In addition, Divisional Teaching Assistant Awards went to Hannah Farrell, Suzy Hur, Erik...

plant popping up through lava at Kilauea

UChicago and the idea of ecological succession

Ecological succession is the process by which the mix of species and habitat in an area changes over time. Gradually, these communities replace one another until a “climax community”—like a mature forest—is reached, or until a disturbance, like a fire, occurs.

Ecological succession is a...

Sliman Bensmaia

Bensmaia lab receives nearly $10M to study the sensorimotor system

Understanding the relationship between somatosensation (the senses of touch and proprioception, or the sense of the body in space) and motor control is challenging — especially when it comes to understanding the exquisitely sensitive and delicate sensation and movement of the human hand.


Yifei Hu

Yifei Hu helps develop reagent to improve CAR T-cell therapy

Over the past five years, a type of cancer treatment called CAR T-cell therapy has given some patients hope for remission. This technique adds a gene—called a chimeric antigen receptor, or CAR—to a patient’s immune cells, which helps these cells find and attack cancers.

Researchers at...

Jenna Guthmiller

UChicago researchers help identify important site of vulnerability on influenza viruses

UChicago postdoctoral researcher Dr. Jenna Guthmiller is the first author on a study published in Nature on Dec. 23, which found that a small subset of antibodies elicited by experimental and existing influenza vaccines target a site at the base, or anchor, of the influenza virus...

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