Fat2 and Lar localization images

UChicago prof Sally Horne-Badovinac describes cell communication

Sally Horne-Badovinac, PhD (Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology) is the senior researcher on a paper published in ...

UChicago dean, faculty address changes in Washington

Dean of the Biological Sciences Division Kenneth Polonsky, MD, recently addressed the White House's executive orders on immigration and the Affordable Care Act on his blog and elsewhere.

In an...

Mo Siddiq and study author Kristi Montooth of Univ of Nebraska. Photo: University of Nebraska

Ecology & Evolution team reconstruct ancient genes

Ecology and Evolution graduate student Mo Siddiq and professor Joe Thornton recently...

A cluster of clostridium difficile bacteria

A cluster of clostridium difficile bacteria
(Janice Carr / AP / CDC )

The Atlantic Covers Jack Gilbert, Hospital Microbiome Project

The Atlantic magazine recently profiled the Hospital Microbiome Project, led by UChicago Biosciences professor...

Obama fist-bumps a robotic arm controlled by Nathan Copeland

In farewell address, President Obama praises Sliman Bensmaia's work

In his farewell address on Tuesday night, President Obama praised the work of Sliman Bensmaia (Associate Professor, Organismal Biology & Anatomy, Committees on Neurobiology and Computational Neuroscience). Bensmaia, on a...

Lauren Sallan, PhD

Integrative Biology Alumna named TED2017 Fellow

Paleobiologist Lauren Sallan (PhD'12, Integrative Biology; Assistant Professor, Earth and Environmental Science, University of Pennsylvania) was named a TED2017 Fellow...

Reconstruction of the early chimaera Dwykaselachus oosthuizeni. Image credit: Kristen Tietjen.

Michael Coates leads discovery about chimaera fossil

Professor Michael Coates (Organismal Biology & Anatomy, Committee on Evolutionary Biology) co-authored a study published in Nature...

Md/PhD student Ramya Parameswaran (Biophysical Sciences)

MD/PhD student co-authors study on using nanowires in cells

MD/PhD student Ramya Paramesawran (Interdisciplinary Scientist Training Program/Biophysical Sciences) co-authored a study about how silicon nanowires can be used to understand how diseases work. The study, published in...

Dana Simmons at New England BioLabs


Neurobiology grad student featured on SciArt magazine blog

Congratulations to Dana Simmons, graduate student in the Hansel lab, who was featured on the SciArt blog recently for her Purkinje...

Rahul Subramanian (Ecology & Evolution)

Ecology & Evolution grad student flu research covered on Medical News Today

Ecology and Evolution graduate student Rahul Subramanian not only recently published in PLOS: Computational Biology ("Universal or Specific? A...

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