Professors, graduate students, and recent graduates discuss Celiac Disease research

University of Chicago's Professor Bana Jabri, MD, PhD, the Sarah and Harold Lincoln Thompson Professor of Medicine, Pathology and Pediatrics, and Toufic Mayassi, recent graduate in Immunology discuss their new research on the...

UChicago's faculty, students, and alum study the flu in elderly people

University of Chicago's Associate Professor in the Biological Sciences Division Patrick Wilson, along with Alexandra Cabanov (current Immunology student), Marcos Costa Vieira (current Ecology and Evolution student), and Kaval Kaur PhD...

Dean Victoria Prince shares her 2019 goals for the BSD

With the opening of a new year, comes a time for assessing priorities. Our Dean and Director, Vicky Prince, shares her goals for the coming year. 

The Medical & Biological Sciences Alumni Association points to this and writes:

"Victoria Prince, PhD, dean and director, Office of...


New discoveries in neuroscience research by UChicago's Associate Professor Sliman Bensmaia and alum Justin Lieber

The sensation of touch is an important part of almost everyone's every daily lives. University of Chicago's Associate Professor Sliman Bensmaia and postdoctoral scholar Justin Lieber (PhD, 2018, Computational Neuroscience, University of Chicago) bring this...

NIH operational during partial federal government shutdown

We would like to remind the extramural research community that both the NIH and remain operational during the current partial federal government shutdown.

For more information about NIH see...

Courtesy of Medicine on the Midway

Researchers bring scientific discoveries to market

UChicago supports faculty- and student-founded companies to broaden impact of research

Few people get a bigger whiff of the entrepreneurial spirit taking hold among biosciences faculty members than Thelma Tennant. "I...

Government Shutdown Affects NSF, FDA, Other Science Agencies

Around 25 percent of the US Government remains closed after attempts to resolve a dispute over the federal budget were abandoned on Thursday (December 27), CNN reports. The impasse, which forced science...


Do Colder temperatures affect lifespan? Depends on genetics

New research could have applications on aging therapies for humans.

Why do we age? Despite more than a century of research, and a vast industry of youth-promising products, what causes our cells and organs to deteriorate with age is still unknown. 

One known factor is temperature....

In the Alzheimer's affected brain, abnormal levels of the beta-amyloid protein clump together to form plaques (see in brown) that collect between neurons and disrupt cell function. Abnormal collections of the tau protein accumulate and form tangles (seen in blue) within neurons, harming synaptic communication between nerve cells. (Image: NIH)

Neuroscientist receives $2.32 million grant to study the role of the microbiome in Alzheimer's disease

Sangram Sisodia, PhD, the Thomas Reynolds Sr. Family Professor of Neurosciences at the University of Chicago, has...

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