Andrey Rzhetsky, Edna K. Papazian Professor of Medicine and Human Genetics

Prof. Andrey Rzhetsky and grad student Kanix Wang uncover novel correlations between diseases using big data

Andrey Rzhetsky, the Edna K. Papazian Professor of Medicine and Human Genetics, and Kanix Wang, Rzhetsky lab member and Genetics, Genomics, and Systems Biology...

an illustration of the winged mammals by April I. Neander

Prof. Zhe-Xi Luo & grad student David Grossnickle discover earliest winged mammals with international team

Professor Zhe-Xi Luo (Organismal Biology and Anatomy) and graduate student David Grossnickle (Comittee on Evolutionary Biology) are authors on two papers published in the journal Nature on the earliest winged mammals. 160 million-...

Photo of Molly Imgruet

Molly Imgruet/ Photo courtesy Self magazine

UChicago Biosciences student featured in Self magazine

Interdisciplinary Scientist Training Program student Molly Imgruet (McNerney lab) has been featured in Self magazine for her participation in the recent March for Science Chicago. Asked why she marched, Imgruet answered...

Jo Handelsman, PhD, with BSD students and postdocs after her lecture

Former White House Associate Director of Science leads science policy seminar

On Tuesday, April 25, 2017, Jo Handelsman, PhD, came to the University of Chicago to lead a science policy seminar sponsored by the Postdoctoral Association Science Policy Committee....

Members of the Lynch lab pose next to their expo table

Grad students and postdocs march for science in Chicago and Washington

On Saturday, April 22, 2017, University of Chicago students and postdocs from the Biological Sciences Division came together with other STEM folks and beyond on Saturday to demonstrate in support of science.

An estimated 60,000 people showed up to march on Saturday, according to the...

Zeray Alemseged, PhD

Paleontologist Zeray Alemseged joins UChicago Bioscience faculty

Zeray Alemseged, PhD, recently joined the Deaprtment of Organismal Biology and Anatomy at the University of Chicago. Alemseged's specialty is early human evolution, rounding out the research focuses in UChicago's top-ranked...

An EYH workshop leader shows girls how to use DNA samples to identify bird pathogens.

An EYH workshop leader shows girls how to use DNA samples to identify bird pathogens.

Expanding Your Horizons Chicago hosts STEM outreach event on campus

On March 25, 2017, Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) Chicago hosted a day-long conference for middle school girls on the University of Chicago campus. Close to 250 students attended the event, where they engaged in workshops related to careers...

Urban Nature logo

UChicago professor hosts WTTW series Urban Nature

Have you ever wondered how coyotes survive in the city or how many species of insects are in a vacant lot?

Marcus Kronforst, PhD (Ecology and Evolution) leads viewers through the answers to these and other questions in the...

Microscopic image of the fruit fly wing imaginal disc, with cell junctions and medial apical cortices illuminated by fluorescent protein tags

Hippo pathway activated in different places in cells, new research finds

New research published recently in Developmental Cell sheds light on the activation of the Hippo pathway in Drosophila melanogaster cells.

Postdoctoral researcher...

Fat2 and Lar localization images

UChicago prof Sally Horne-Badovinac describes cell communication

Sally Horne-Badovinac, PhD (Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology) is the senior researcher on a paper published in ...

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