NIH awards $170M to national network of universities for Nutrition for Precision Health study

Briseis Aschebrook Kilfoy

Public Health Sciences faculty member, Dr. Briseis Aschebrook-Kilfoy is leading the University of Chicago effort to contribute to an ambitious six university NIH research project that aims to be the first comprehensive study to investigate precision nutrition. The goal of “Nutrition for Precision Health,” powered by the All of Us Research Program (NPH), is to develop algorithms to predict individual responses to food and dietary routines. 

Precision nutrition, also known as personalized nutrition, will move away from "one-size-fits-all" diet recommendations and create a customized diet plan for people based on individual differences, such as genetics and metabolism.

“Tailored precision nutrition will allow providers to make dietary recommendations that consider an individual’s lifestyle and environment in addition to biology, genetics, medical history and even gut microbes that can help prevent or improve disease,” said Brisa Aschebrook-Kilfoy, PhD, Associate Professor and the principal investigator at UChicago.

“At UChicago, we have already collected much of the key information needed to develop the algorithms required to do this work from thousands of research participants," she said. "The addition of nutrition research to the already robust dataset, especially in our patient population and in the communities we serve, can ensure that the nutrition algorithm is relevant in our diverse Chicago and South Side contexts.”

Read the full story at "NIH awards $170M to national network of universities for Nutrition for Precision Health study" published February 2, 2022.

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