Postdoctoral Fellowship Appointments

There are two main categories of postdoctoral researcher: scholar and fellow.  Both postdoctoral scholars and postdoctoral fellows must be formally appointed via the BSD Office of Academic Affairs.  In addition, postdoctoral fellows have a two-step process for the divisional academic appointment while also being appointed on the training grant which this site will detail. 

Administrative Academic Appointment Process for Postdoctoral Fellows on NIH NRSA T32s

  1. It is suggested that the Training Grant PI and Training Grant Administrator meet to plan a timeline for selection of postdoctoral fellows.  Training grants function on a 12 month budget year and identification of postdoctoral fellows to be funded should take place well in advance of the start of the budget year whenever possible.  It is ideal to appoint postdoctoral fellows to begin their fellowship at the start of the training grant budget year, in most instances July 1.  To do so will require planning ahead for the selection/identification of postdoctoral fellow appointments as much as 3-5 months in advance of the appointment/reappointment effective date in an effort to appoint the strongest postdoctoral fellows (similar to predoctoral trainee selection process.)
  2. The Training Grant Administrator sends an email call for applicants to training grant trainers and faculty across the division with research interests that are within the scope of the training program.  The call should include a list of required documents to be submitted and the criteria used for evaluation/review along with a due date that allows enough time to organize the applications for distribution to the training grant Steering/Executive Committee prior to a scheduled meeting of the training grant Steering/Executive Committee to make the postdoctoral fellow selection. 
  3. Once the postdoctoral fellow has been identified to be awarded for funding on the training grant, the PI/sponsor is contacted and informed that their postdoctoral fellow has been selected and to obtain an unrestricted account in which to pay the required BSD stipend supplement of $1,800/year and the $100 postdoctoral researcher fee.  – Note: NRSA postdoctoral fellow appointments require a BSD PI supplemental stipend of $1,800/year, paid by an unrestricted account (ledger 2 or 6 gift accounts are most commonly used.)  Fellowships that do not provide health insurance mandate a BSD PI supplemental stipend in the amount of $8,500/year.]
  4. Training Grant Administrator then prepares documentation to formally initiate the postdoctoral fellow appointment.  This includes communications with the postdoctoral fellow and PI/sponsor, the PI’s primary departmental Academic Affairs/Human Resources Administrator, and the BSD Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs Training Grant Manager.  Details are listed below in suggested order of communication.
  • Training Grant Administrator prepares an award letter reflecting the correct NRSA stipend level in effect for the current training grant budget year.  For reappointments the award letter should be edited to reflect reappointment status.   
  • Training Grant Administrator also prepares a draft email template with details of the award and attaches the award letter.  For reappointments the award letter should be edited to reflect reappointment status.  Note: all stipends must note the full 10-digit account numbers using subaccount 8370.
  • Training Grant Administrator then sends both the email template and the award letter, along with the postdoctoral fellow's current CV (be sure the CV lists the start and end dates, including both the months and years, of all training and prior employment) to the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs (OGPA) Training Grant Manager via for review and approval. 
  • An approval will be returned within 24-48 hours, or clarification will be requested.
  • After receiving approval from the OGPA Training Grant Manager, the Training Grant Administrator may send the award letter via email to the postdoctoral fellow and PI officially informing them of the award and funding change.  
  • Training Grant Administrator then forwards the approval email from the OGPA Training Grant Manager to the PI/sponsor's primary departmental Academic Affairs/Human Resources Administrator requesting that an academic postdoctoral fellow appointment be prepared.    Attachments include: the email template, award letter and the postdoctoral fellow's current CV attached.  Remember to copy Tracie DeMack at
  • The Academic Affairs/Human Resources Administrator then prepares the postdoctoral fellow appointment:
    • If a new postdoctoral fellow academic appointment, proposal must include:
      1. PI/Sponsor’s departmental academic appointment letter – new appointment only
      2. OGPA Training Grant Manager approval email
      3. Postdoctoral fellow's CV
      4. Postdoctoral Fellowship Appointment Request detailing the separate NRSA stipend and BSD PI stipend supplement amounts and account numbers.  Note: NRSA stipends must include the full 10-digit account numbers using subaccount 8370. 
      5. Award letter
      6. Other documentation as required by BSD Office of Academic Affairs.
    • If the postdoctoral fellow is currently a postdoctoral scholar, in addition to the above, the proposal must also include:           
  1. A resignation letter from the postdoctoral scholar resigning as a postdoctoral scholar to accept the postdoctoral fellow academic appointment.
  2. A CV that still reflects the active postdoctoral scholar academic appointment.  The postdoctoral fellow academic appointment is added later, after the postdoctoral fellow academic appointment is approved.
  3. A Postdoc Annual Review form completed by both the PI and postdoc in lieu of PI/Sponsor's academic appointment letter.
  • The departmental Academic Affairs/Human Resources Administrator will prepare the postdoctoral fellow appointment via Workday and send to BSD OAA.  
  • NOTE:  Because the $1,800 or $8,500/year PI stipend supplement is now considered taxable income, postdoctoral fellows must have 2 jobs in Workday.  One job is the postdoctoral fellow role at 100% effort and pays the NRSA stipend via the ledger 5 with subaccount 8370.  The second job is as a postdoctoral scholar at 0.1% effort and pays the appropriate PI stipend supplement using an unrestricted account and subaccount 1200. 
  • Note:  BSD Office of Academic Affairs will not review or approve postdoctoral fellow academic appointments without the OGPA Training Grant Manager approval email.
  • Once the postdoctoral fellow academic appointment is approved by BSD Office of Academic Affairs, the departmental Academic Affairs/Human Resources Administrator will inform the PI/postdoctoral fellow and copy the Training Grant Administrator, and OGPA Training Grant Manager.
  • The Training Grant Administrator will inform their appropriate departmental Post-Award Administrator, if applicable. 
  • The Training Grant Administrator will work with the postdoctoral fellow to submit the NIH Statement of Appointment and Payback Agreement (Payback is for the initial T32 appointment only) initiated via xTrain based on the approved postdoctoral fellow academic appointment.

5.  If the postdoctoral fellow is to be reappointed, the usual postdoctoral fellow reappointment materials will need to be submitted to BSD Office of Academic Affairs and the steps above in item 3 are repeated.


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