Student Honors & Awards

We are very proud of the accomplishments of our graduate students.  BSD students have an excellent record of obtaining competitive fellowships, receiving national awards for their research, and publishing findings that move their fields forward.  The most recent student accomplishments are shown below.

Recent Student Accomplishments

Gabriel Salzman

Gabriel Salzman (Interdisciplinary Scientist Training Program) was awarded a Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Individual Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, National Institute of General Medical Sciences. His advisors are Drs. Shohei Koide and Demet Arac-Ozkan.

Sylvia Ranjeva

Sylvia Ranjeva (Interdisciplinary Scientist Training Program - Ecology and Evolution) won the 2014-2015 Teaching Award in the Biological Science Division.  She was honored for her outstanding performance in Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease, BIOS 23409, in Autumn 2014. She was cited for her knowledge and passion on the subject matter, her hard work in helping her students understand the material, her non-judgmental attitude towards questions, her interest in her students, and her accessibility both in and out of class. Her advisors are Drs. Sarah Cobey and Greg Dwyer.

Laura Southcott

Laura Southcott (Evolutionary Biology) received a Tinker Field Research Grant from the Centre for Latin American Studies, as well as a Rosemary Grant Award from the Society for the Study of Evolution. Her advisor is Dr. Marcus Kronforst.

Tyler Starr

Tyler Starr (Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics) received an Honorable Mention for the 2014-2015 Teaching Prize.  He was honored for his outstanding performance in Introduction to Bioinformatics, BIOS 26120, in Autumn 2014. His advisor is Dr. Joseph Thornton.

Z Yan Wang

Z Yan Wang (Neurobiology) won the 2014-2015 Teaching Award in the Biological Science Division.  She was honored for her outstanding performance in Introduction to Neuroscience, BIOS 24203, in Autumn 2014. She was cited for her ability to clarify and explain the material, her outstanding discussion sections and helpful worksheets, her organization, diligence, and professionalism, as well as her positive disposition and care for her students in all aspects of their lives. Her advisor is Dr. Cliff Ragsdale.

Alex White

Alex White (Ecology and Evolution) received a GROW Award (an NSF GRFP) for his project entitled "How do dispersal and competition underlie macro-scale patterns of species diversity? A study of range limits and ecological interactions in Himalayan birds." He will be studying with Dr. Carsten Rahbek at the Center for Macroecology, Evolution, and Climate in Copenhagen, Denmark. His advisor is Dr. Trevor Price.

Max Winston

Max Winston (Evolutionary Biology) was awarded a Field Museum Fellowship. His advisor is Dr. Corrie Moreau.

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