Current Students

You are developing science that makes an impact on human lives around the world.

Students in the biosciences at the University of Chicago embark on a transformative time of discovery and learning, gaining entrance to a world of cutting-edge science across 18 key specializations.

Students join a community of scholars, studying and training with leading faculty who emphasize interdisciplinary research and collaboration. Tap the great minds and powerful resources available on our Hyde Park campus in Chicago, where we span basic, translational, and clinical research, with access to the latest technology and three major affiliated laboratories.


Student Accomplishments

We are very proud of the accomplishments of our graduate students.  BSD students have an excellent record of obtaining competitive fellowships, receiving national awards for their research, and publishing findings that move their fields forward.


Prof. Michael Coates in discusion with students

Student Resources

There are many resources available to support you during your journey through graduate school including presentation workshops, teaching support, information on how to get around Hyde Park and Chicago, and suggestions on how to live a healthy lifestyle.