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Reaffirming our Commitment to Recruiting Diverse Students

The PhD graduate programs in the Biological Sciences Division at the University of Chicago remain deeply committed to our mission of recruiting talented students who align with our goal of educating diverse PhD students of exceptional promise to be rigorous and independent thinkers, innovators and future leaders in the biological sciences.

In addition to holistic recruitment efforts led by our graduate program admissions committees, we also remain deeply committed to ever expanding DEIJ efforts across the entire Biological Sciences Division At the University of Chicago, we consider diversity to be a strength—and, indeed, foundational to our academic success. Advancing rigorous inquiry requires welcoming a diversity of perspectives and ideas, as well as a diversity of life experiences. Bringing together people from the broadest possible range of backgrounds is often the first step toward realizing field-defining scholarship and providing a transformative education for our students by fostering a culture that reveres open discourse and constant questioning.

Letter from the Dean

Read letter from David Kovar, PhD, Dean of Graduate Affairs Biological Sciences Division

The University of Chicago famously embraces inquiry and impact. Through graduate and postdoctoral education, we celebrate the transformative power of ideas and the opportunity to enrich human life here in Chicago and around the globe through basic, translational, and clinical research.


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