Graduate Programs

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

The Biological Sciences Division offers the degrees of Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Medicine, or Doctor of Medicine with Honors. Combined degrees (A.B./S.M. or M.D./Ph.D.) are available within certain special programs.

Recommendation for any of these degrees is conditional on the satisfactory completion of the academic requirements for the degree and the maintenance of proper conduct by the student while in the university.  Information on the Doctor of Medicine degree is available through the Pritzker School of Medicine.


The university has a continuous registration system for PhD students with registration and tuition determined not by the individual course load, but rather by the student's residency classification. PhD students will register under the following residency progression:

  • Years 1 - 4 of graduate study (quarters 1-16): Scholastic Residence
  • Year 5 (quarter 17) to degree: Advanced Residence.

Another registration status is pro forma, an option for PhD students conducting research for a significant amount of time off-campus.  A formal leave of absence is also available, subject to the approval of the Dean for Graduate Education.  


Graduate courses are described on the individual graduate program websites.  Courses are also listed by graduate program in the University of Chicago Announcementsthe catalog of programs.