Career Development

Your Biosciences education is part of a larger professional trajectory.

At the University of Chicago, we support biosciences students both as they earn their degrees and as they prepare for diverse paths beyond graduate education.

Graduate students across our programs hone their leadership, management, and communications skills so that they can compete at the highest levels in their chosen fields. Students in the biosciences have several opportunities for professional development, including:

  • UChicago’s myCHOICE program
    Funded by a National Institutes of Health research grant awarded through the Broadening Experiences in Science Training (BEST) competition, myCHOICE prepares University of Chicago graduate and postdoctoral trainees with biosciences degrees for their ideal career paths through seminars, courses, internships, externships, and more. Explore current offerings and listen to our students and postdocs discuss their experience with the program.
  • UChicagoGRAD
    A central office committed to offering supplemental career programming to graduate students and postdoctoral trainees at the University of Chicago, UChicagoGRAD has an active schedule of events on academic and career development. Sign up to receive notifications.
  • Grant writing workshops
    Several graduate programs offer or require these workshops. See your program’s course listing, or ask your program administrator for more information about this opportunity.