BSD Diversity Committee

The BSD Diversity Committee and the Graduate Recruitment Team co-sponsored our 1st Annual Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice Retreat on April 23, 2021. Panel summaries and video are here.

The BSD Diversity Committee works to enhance diversity in UChicago Biosciences by providing a central office that coordinates and promotes:

  • Social, cultural, and scientific interactions
  • Awareness of issues facing underrepresented students
  • Administrative student support, educational programs, and mentorship
  • Availability of funds for diversity programs
  • Student recruitment strategies through networking with established regional and national URM-serving organizations as well as by enhancing our programs' visibility.

The committee is led by co-chairs Mark Westneat, Organismal Biology & Anatomy, Evbio and Integrative Bio, and Adam Hammond, Biophysical Sciences, and is composed of faculty, administrators, and students who represent the breadth of our graduate programs. 

Contact us at bdc@lists.uchicago.edu.