Faculty and Research

UChicago faculty conduct research that shapes fields and changes lives.

The internationally recognized, prize-winning biosciences faculty at the University of Chicago lead interdisciplinary research at more than 50 University institutes and centers and introduce and master the latest technology.

Their innovative thinking and expertise have contributed to dozens of scientific breakthroughs over the past century, from pioneering the study of ecology to discovering the first consistent chromosomal abnormalities associated with cancer, from advancing clinical electrophysiology to reshaping the study of gene function.

Our science is made possible in part by the cutting-edge technology offered through more than 20 core facilities, like state-of-the-art integrated microscopy imaging stations, the next-generation sequencing available in our genomics facility, and Argonne National Laboratory’s Advanced Photon Source, which generates the brightest high-energy X-rays in the Western Hemisphere. The research needs of our faculty drive the development of new facilities and technology, as well as enhancements to existing facilities.

Today UChicago biosciences faculty are discovering the vast opportunities presented by advanced microbiome researchfinding a cure for celiac disease, and understanding the impact of climate on biodiversity.

Join our community of scholars in leading tomorrow’s breakthroughs.