Current Students

Professionalization Requirements for BSD Students

To meet their degree requirements BSD students must complete two terms of professional preparation, at least one of which must involve serving as a Teaching Assistant to a UChicago course. The second requirement may be met with a second TA-ship, a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Assistantship, or by participating in the TA training course. 

An important component of traditional academic professionalization is to gain experience in teaching.  The BSD has therefore had a long-standing requirement that students gain mentored and evaluated teaching experience through serving as a Teaching Assistant. All BSD graduate students are required to serve as a Teaching Assistant (TA) to at least one course, for academic credit, before their Ph.D. degree is awarded. 

In addition, students are expected to complete their professionalization requirement either by serving as a Teaching Assistant to a second course or through one of two alternative options. The first alternative option is to take the TA Training Course (BSDG 50000), which should typically be taken before the student serves as a TA. The second alternative option is to complete a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Assistantship. The DA-ship option is being piloted in the 2021/2 Academic Year.

Teaching is an important part of your development as a scientist, no matter what career path you'll follow later in life.  Here are a few of the resources available to help you through the process of teaching in the BSD:

The Committee on Teaching in the BSD Final Report (2019)

Information for those interested in careers with a teaching component

Information about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Assistantships

Information about the Divisional Teaching Assistant Requirement

For Faculty Mentors of teaching assistants

The Teaching Assistant Compact (students complete the first part; faculty will have a link emailed to them after the student has completed their section)

The Center for Teaching

The TA Handbook

Canvas Online resource for courses