BSD Diversity Committee Annual DEI Awards

The BSD Diversity Committee (BDC) aims to recognize the diversity of initiatives started, perpetuated, and supported by BSD graduate students and BSD affiliated post-docs. The impact of this diversity and inclusion work on the University of Chicago, greater Chicago community and the larger field of biology cannot be measured.

In an attempt to commemorate the sustained effort by trainees, the BDC established four annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion awards for graduate students, which include a $500 monetary award and a framed certificate. They have also established annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion awards for postdocs, which will come with a framed certificate. Both graduate student and postdoc awardees will be honored at a congratulatory ceremony and lunch held in the summer. 

The inaugural winners of the of BSD Diversity Committee (BDC) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion awards have been announced. The graduate student awardees for 2020-21 are Cody Hernandez (Cell and Molecular Biology), Elaine Kouame (Immunology), Christina Roman (Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics) and Juan Apiz, (Cancer Biology), whose award was from the University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center. Postdoc Katelyn Mika, Human Genetics PhD 2018, who works jointly with Neil Shubin and Anindita Basu, was also recognized for her ongoing efforts and commitment.

In order to ensure that these awards can account for the wide breadth of DEI work done across campus and in the greater Chicago community these awards recognize Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work undertaken in the last year; including community outreach, recruitment efforts, internal initiatives, and any other Diversity, Equity and Inclusion endeavors. 

To be eligible, nominees must be Ph.D. students or postdoctoral trainees conducting basic science or translational research in the BSD. Nominations can come from all levels of the BSD, we strongly encourage faculty, staff, postdoctoral trainees, and graduate students to nominate.

Nominations will include:

Nominee's Information:
Name, Program or Department, Position, Starting year

Nominator's Information:
Name, Email, Relationship to Nominee (self-nominations are allowed)

One-page letter explaining why this nominee deserves to win a diversity and inclusion award. This can include descriptions of the work done by the student as well as the impact it has had on the nominator and/or the community. 

Nominations for Annual Awards are due by April 1, 2022.

These awards are possible due to support from the BSD Offices of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs, Diversity & Inclusion, the Postdoctoral Association and the Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Click here for the nomination form.

The 2021 DEI Award Committee

Jill Mateo, Adam Hammond, Eileen Dolan, Grace Schulz, Megan Rowton 

Please Note: Graduate students and post-docs serving on the DEI Award Committee are ineligible to receive awards

Any questions: Please contact Grace Schulz at