Specialized Training: Demography and Economics of Aging

Specialized Training: Demography and Economics of Aging (T32 AG000243)

Program Director: Linda Waite

Administrator: Kelsey Bogue
Phone: 2-4401

Openings: 0 Predoctoral, 6 Postdoctoral

The Specialized Training Program in the Demography and Economics of Aging is funded by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) grant, #T32000243. Since its inception during the 1994-95 school year, the program has consistently produced productive and engaged young scholars in the field of aging research and demography. The program is designed to train graduate students interested in the demography and economics of aging through the development of basic and applied research, and policy-making, and analysis. Each year, the program supports four predoctoral fellows with at least two years of graduate work at the University of Chicago in addition to two postdoctoral fellows from across the United States.

Learn more: http://chess.uchicago.edu/Demography-and-Economics-of-Aging

Training Faculty

  • Waite, Linda: Social Demography, Aging, the Family, Health, Working Families, and the Link Between Biology, Psychology, and the Social World
  • Black, DanImpact of Education on the Mortality Rates of Older Americans; Labor Economics
  • Cagney, KathleenRelationship of Environment to Health and Well-Being of Older Adults​
  • Charles, Kerwin: Applied Microeconomics; Labor Markets
  • Chin, MarshallAssessment of Treatment Preferences of Older Persons with Diabetes; Improving the Care and Outcomes of Vulnerable Patients with Chronic Disease; Diabetes Care in Community Health Centers​
  • Hawkley, LouisePsychological, Physiological, and Health Correlates of Individual Differences in Sociality During Aging
  • Heckman, JamesInequality and Lifecycle Dynamics of Skill Formation
  • Huisingh-Sheetz, Megan: Inequality and Lifecycle Dynamics of Skill Formation
  • Huang, ElbertAging, Diabetes, and Health Economics; Clinical Decisions Related to the Care of Older Diabetes Patients​
  • Hurst, ErikHousing Markets; Labor Markets; Household Financial Behavior
  • Kalil, Ariel: The Impact of Economic Conditions and Parents’ Socioeconomic Status Across the Lifespan; Child Development in Low Income Families
  • Konetzka, TamaraHealth Economics, Long-Term Care; Effects of Financing and Market Structure on Quality of Care; Medicare and Medicaid Policy; Health Workforce Issues
  • Lauderdale, DianeSleep Quality and Functional Health Status at Older Ages; Health of Immigrant Populations; Use of Preventive Care Services
  • Laumann, EdwardHuman Sexuality Among Older Americans; Sexuality in Urban Places; Subjective Well-Being; Quality of Life, Health Status; and Social Networks in Various Social Contexts​
  • McClintock, MarthaBiopsychology, Pheromones and Social Behavior Among Older Adults
  • Meltzer, DavidImproving the Cost and Quality of Hospital Care; Theoretical Foundations of Medical Cost Effectiveness and Analysis Applied in the Context of Diabetes and Prostate Cancer; Integrated Inpatient and Outpatient Care for High-Risk Medicare Patients
  • Menendez, AliciaFertility; Investments in Human Capital; Labor Economics; Household Behavior​
  • Neal, Derek: Demography; Economics
  • O’Muircheartaigh, ColmSurvey Sample Design; Measurement Errors in Surveys; Cognitive Aspects of Question Wording; Latent Variable Models for Nonresponse
  • Pierce, Brandon: Interrelated Roles of Genetic, Molecular, and Environmental Factors in Cancer Risk and Prognosis
  • Pinto, JayantAge-Related Olfactory Decline; Chronic  Rhinosinusitis
  • Schumm, PhilipSocial Relationships and Health Among Older Adults
  • Song, Xi: Role of Grandparents in Social Mobility; Demography, Social Stratification and Mobility; Family and Kinship
  • Trinitapoli, JennyTransitions to adulthood in sub-Saharan Africa, fertility, religion, HIV​
  • Wroblewski, KristenSurvival Analysis; Longitudinal Analysis; Survey Data Analysis
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