Health Services Research Training Program (T32 HS000084)

Program DirectorKathleen Cagney

Administrator: Kelsey Bogue
Phone: 2-4401
Fax: 2-4620

Openings: 9 Predoctoral, 0 Postdoctoral

The Health Services Research Training Program incorporates interdisciplinary training through collaborative efforts in Health Economics, Health Studies, Medical Sociology, Organizational Behavior and Health, Psychology, Public Policy in Health, and Social Service Administration. The program will enable predoctoral students and postdoctoral fellows to pursue academic careers, engage in high quality research, and provide leadership in the multidisciplinary field of health services research.

Training Grant Faculty:

  • Cagney, Kathleen: Neighborhood effects and health, Race and ethnic differences in access to health care/long-term care, Life course approaches to research in health
  • Meltzer, DavidVariety of problems at the interface of health and the social sciences, with a primary emphasis on economic evaluation of medical technology and the cost and quality of care.
  • Ahsan, HabibulInterdisciplinary research in environmental and molecular epidemiology and prevention of cancer and chronic diseases, especially in the area of arsenicrelated cancer and chronic diseases and related phenotypes as they relate to genetics, environmental factors and their interactions.
  • Arora, VineetImproving quality and safety inteaching hospitals, with specificattention to improving handoff communication and preventing hazards of hospitalization among older inpatients.
  • Black, Dan: Labor economics and applied econometrics
  • Burnet, DeborahCommunity-based research to address childhood obesity and diabetes risk
  • Charles, KerwinEmpirical labor economics
  • Chin, MarshallTranslational research to improve diabetes care for vulnerable populations and reduce racial/ethnic disparities in care.
  • Daugherty, ChristopherEthical issues in cancer care and clinical research
  • Dignam, JamesMulti-center cancer clinical trial research and cancer include racial/ethnic disparities in cancer prognosis and treatment response and the effect of obesity on cancer, and prognostic marker modeling.
  • Gibbons, RobertMixed-effects modeling and causal inference and their applications to psychometrics and psychopathology research.
  • Gilliam, MelissaVulnerable populations at risk of unintended pregnancy due to health care disparities, including low-income populations, women of diverse racial/ethnic groups, and adolescents.
  • Grogan, ColleenHealth policy, health politics, participatory processes and the American welfare state
  • Heckman, JamesThe origins of inequality; economic models of life cycle skill formation; developmental origins of health; the economics of personality and preferences; evaluation of social programs; counterfactual analysis of inequality; microeconometrics; labor economics; alternative models of the distribution of income; public economics; regulation and policy reform; hedonic models and pricing of heterogeneous goods and characteristics; heterogeneity in general equilibrium models.
  • Huang, ElbertComplex clinical decisions related to the care of elderly diabetes patients, where clinical trial data from younger, healthier patients must be translated into the care of older, sicker patients.
  • Johnson, Waldo: Social construction of masculinity among young urban African American males and how their institutional experiences and physical and mental health statuses as boys and adolescent males affect their assumption of social roles within their families, communities and civil society in early adulthood and their performance in these social roles.
  • King, AndreaEtiology and treatment of alcohol and nicotine dependences
  • Konetzka, TamaraHealth economics, aging and longterm care, quality of care, hospital markets, and Medicare and Medicaid policy, focusing on the relationship between economic incentives and quality of care
  • Lahey, BenNature and etiology of psychopathology from childhood into adulthood
  • Lauderdale, DianeHealth of immigrant populations and social determinants of health-related behaviors
  • Laumann, EdwardOrganizational and economic sociology, human sexuality, political sociology and social stratification.
  • Lindau, Staceybiomedical and social science techniques to study life course health, aging, and sexuality.
  • Ludwig, JensEducation, social policy, crime, housing, urban poverty
  • Manning, WillEffects of health insurance on health care and health 
  • O'Muircheartaigh, ColmSurvey sample design, measurement errors in surveys, cognitive aspects of question wording, and latent variable models for nonresponse
  • Peek, MonicaHealth services research in the area of health disparities 
  • Philipson, TomasHealth Economics
  • Pollack, HaroldPublic health and economic policy analyses
  • Ross, Lainie: Ethical and policy issues of genetic testing, living donor organ transplantation, and human subjects protection 
  • Shih, Ya-Chen TinaMethodological and applied research, health services research using observational data
  • Siegler, MarkEthics of surgical innovation, living donor organ transplantation, end of life care, ethics consultation, and decision making within the doctor patient relationship
  • Van Cauter, EveImpact of decreases in sleep duration and quality on markers of health and the interaction of sleep loss with the aging process
  • Waite, Linda: Social demography, aging, the family, health, working families, the link between biology, psychology and the social world
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