Training Grants

Multi-disciplinary Training program in Cancer Research

Program DirectorKay F. Macleod, PhD

Administrator: Elizabeth Morrissey
Phone:  4-3899

Openings: 8 Predoctoral, 0 Postdoctoral

The Multi-disciplinary Training grant in Cancer Research (MTCR) at the University of Chicago trains the next generation of cancer researchers with the scientific skills, knowledge and ability to develop their innovative ideas to tackle the growing challenges of cancer prevention, detection and treatment. With an ageing US population due to reduced mortality from other diseases, cancer is likely to further increase in incidence over the coming decades and the demand for highly skilled trainees equipped to meet this growing global challenge is required. Our students gain experience in both basic and translational sciences, benefit from problem based learning and hands on experience in the lab, classroom and clinic, as well as training in quantitative and computational approaches relevant to their research. Our trainees have a strong track record of publication while in graduate school in diverse areas of cancer research including, cancer epigenetics, autophagy and drug resistance mechanisms, tumor immunology and other aspects of the tumor microenvironment, tumor cell invasion and metastasis, impact of the gut microbiome on cancer, amongst many other areas. The program also prepares our students for life beyond grad school whether that be in traditional academic research positions or in alternative research-relevant careers in industry and elsewhere.