Training Grants

Graduate Program in Biophysical Sciences

T32 EB009412

Program DirectorTobin Sosnick and Gregory Engel

Administrator: Michele Wittels
Phone: 4-7456

Predoctoral, 0 Postdoctoral

The Training Grant supports the Graduate Program in Biophysical Sciences which is designed to provide interdisciplinary training at the interface between the physical and biological sciences and to promote the University’s interdisciplinary research culture. The program admits students with expertise in chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, or engineering who need training in the biological sciences in order to pursue interdisciplinary research. In the first year of the program, trainees take a 3 quarter 16 hour/week practical laboratory course: “Synthesis, Measurement and Analysis” which includes training segments in faculty research laboratories and extensive reading of primary literature in molecular and cell biology. Trainees are also required to take didactic courses in graduate programs in both the physical and biological sciences. Thesis research is conducted under the supervision of two mentors. Each graduate student chooses a pair of mentors from across our diverse faculty trainers and fully participates in both of these research groups.