Training Grants

Interdisciplinary Training Program in Immunology


Program DirectorsPeter Savage

Administrator: Beth Morrissey
Phone: 4-3899

Openings: 8 Predoctoral, 0 Postdoctoral

This interdisciplinary program trains individuals to become creative, independent research scientists in Immunology. A Ph.D. specializing in immunology is offered by the Committee on Immunology. A number of core courses offered in immunobiology stress the development of critical thinking skills and an understanding of current experimental approaches. In addition to formal coursework, discussion and research, trainees present their research in bi-weekly seminars and the annual committee on immunology retreat. Ph.D. students in their first two years of training are also encouraged to take advanced courses in molecular genetics, cell biology, microbiology, and biochemistry. Participation in journal clubs and research seminars is required to develop skills important in communicating ideas and research to other scientists. Progress of the students in the first two years is monitored by the program director and by the chairman of the immunology curriculum committee, and in the later years by the graduate student adviser and the student’s thesis committee. The overall goal of the program is to develop the knowledge, ability, and desire to solve the most critical questions in the field of immunobiology.