Training Grants

Training Program in Neural, Computational, and Neuromechanical Approaches to Motor Control


Program Directors: Melina Hale and Nicholas Hatsopoulos

Administrator: Elena Rizzo

Openings: 6 Predoctoral, 0 Postdoctoral

Research and training on motor control at UChicago have a unique history of combining neurobiology and neuromechanics research with computational approaches. In the past few years, the University has significantly expanded its neuroscience community with the establishment of the new Neuroscience Institute. The significant investments have created exciting new opportunities for research and training in the area of motor control and movement and related disorders, especially in addressing questions by integrating experimental and computational approaches. Our training program takes advantage of the existing breadth and depth of motor control and movement research on campus. We have 14 Trainers whose research is focused on motor control and movement, covering a broad range from genetic, molecular, and cellular studies to circuit, systems, biomechanics, and computational approaches. Our research interests have a broad anatomic scope, from neuromuscular junction and spinal cord to cerebellum, basal ganglia, and cerebral cortex. We employ a broad range of model organisms including invertebrates, insects, zebrafish, and mice to non-human primates and human subjects.