Training Grants

GAANN Training in Integrative and Comparative Neuromechanics

Program Directors: Mark Westneat and Melina Hale
Administrator: Melissa Williams
Openings: 6 Predoctoral, 0 Postdoctoral, 0 Short-term

Neuromechanics is an important area of need in neuroscience. The field examines the combined function of the brain in concert with the biomechanics of body movement and sensorimotor integration. Neuromechanics research has implications for both basic and applied work related to a national need in neuroscience including: (1) development of neuroprosthetics to restore abilities to amputees, (2) development of biologically-inspired designs for a range of engineering applications, and (3) increased understanding of how organisms function in changing environments, a key to understanding potential impacts of climate change on behavior, animal populations and species survival.

Fellows receive disciplinary and broad training in the biological sciences and in research and analysis techniques, and take a curriculum in teaching with coursework and a mentored classroom experience. They also participate in an array of career development opportunities that align with the Fellows’ interests and career aspirations.