Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN): Training in Integrative and Comparative Neuromechanics

GAANN: Training in Integrative and Comparative Neuromechanics  (P200A150077)

Program Director: Melina Hale and Callum Ross

Administrator: Audrey Aronowsky
Phone: 2-3891
Fax: 2-0037

Openings: 0 Predoctoral, 6 Postdoctoral

This interdisciplinary fellowship combines the study of the brain and the biomechanics of the body to create a comprehensive study of how we can use technology to provide for amputees, engineer machines inspired by biology, and grow our understanding of how organisms change within their environments. By supporting students interested in this wide range of biological topics, the GAANN Training in Integrative and Comparative Neuromechanics Fellowship hopes to  increase the number of highly qualified integrated biologists able to tackle essential biological questions.

Training Faculty

  • Hale, Melina: Neuromechanics
  • Ross, Callum: Neuromechanics
  • Bensmaia, Sliman: Neuromechanics, learning
  • Coates, Michael: Evolution
  • Ferguson, Edwin: Development
  • Hatsopoulos, Nicholas: Neuromechanics, learning
  • Ho, Robert: Neurodevelopment, function
  • Jablonski, David: Evolution, biogeography
  • Luo, Zhe-Xi: Evolution, structure-function
  • Margoliash, Daniel: Neuromechanics, behavioral neurobiology
  • Osborne, Leslie: Computational & theoretical neuroscience
  • Palmer, Stephanie: Computational & theoretical neuroscience
  • Prince, Victoria: Neurodevelopment
  • Ragsdale, Clifton: Neurodevelopment and function
  • Schmidt-Ott, Urs: Early development, evolution
  • Sereno, Paul: Evolution, biomechanics
  • Shubin, Neil: Evolution, development, function
  • Westneat, Mark: Biomechanics, function, evolution
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