Training Grants

Training Program in Developmental Biology


Program DirectorsVictoria Prince and Sally Horne-Badovinac

Administrator: Michele O'Neill
Phone: 4-9936

Openings: 4 Predoctoral, 0 Postdoctoral

The core mission of the developmental biology training program (DBTP) is to train students to analyze all aspects of developmental processes from a broad interdisciplinary perspective, integrating cellular, molecular and genetic approaches. Developmental Biology is by its nature a highly integrative discipline that takes multiple approaches to study a range of topics including embryogenesis, organogenesis, cell fate specification, stem cell biology, cancer and regeneration. Studies in these areas have major impact on biomedical research and training: developmental biologists have been instrumental in developing animal models of human disease and experimental systems to allow rigorous studies of genetic mechanisms in whole animals. At Chicago our developmental biologists are using an array of experimental approaches to address a wide range of questions across the entire spectrum of developmental model systems, as well as using comparative approaches in non-model systems. We can thus offer our trainees a uniquely diverse training experience that prepares them for careers in advanced research and education.