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All MCB trainees are required to participate in the monthly MCB Research in Progress (RIP) series, a 1-hour lunchtime meeting in which two MCB trainees give formal research talks to currently funded and senior MCB trainees as well as MCB trainers. These events are open to all members of the research community at UChicago. The RIP sessions serve several essential purposes. First, they bind MCB trainees and trainers together intellectually. Second, attendance at RIP provides students with ongoing interdisciplinary exposure to molecular and cellular biology. Finally, presentation in the RIP series gives students practice in conceptualizing and presenting their work to a scientifically diverse audience.

Each MCB trainee is expected to present in the RIP series twice during their tenure: once during Year 2 or 3, and once closer to graduation. Before each RIP session, the two presenters participate in a group practice session with one or more MCB directors and a small group of 2nd-year MCB students who provide constructive feedback. Following the public presentations, the MCB PDs provide the presenters with additional constructive feedback. 

All sessions will be held in GCIS W301-303, 12:00-1:00 pm.
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Oct. 11, 2022: Cassandra Azeredo-Tseng and Juan Mendoza, PhD

Nov. 8, 2022:  Mel Yamsek and Joshua Hackney

Dec. 13, 2022: Jacob Decker and Jay Fuerte-Stone

Jan. 10, 2023: Kyle Ghaby and Conor Lee-Smith               

Feb. 14, 2023: Renee Zhang and Erin Higgins

Mar. 14, 2023: Fernando Valbuena and Kelly O’Leary            

Apr. 11, 2023:  Caitlin Wong Hickernell  and Julia Shangguan

May 9, 2023:   Ezra Amiri and Ellen Ketter