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Addiction Training Activities and Events

T32 DA043469

Upcoming Activities and Events

a) May 20, 2021 Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Trainees are encouraged to attend this series. Of particular note is an upcoming presentation by Richard J Miller, PhD, Alfred Newton Richards Professor of Pharmacology, Professor of Pharmacology and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Northwestern University. He will give Psychiatry Grand Rounds on May 20, 2021 with a talk titled “"The new psychedelic psychiatry"

b) myChoice Program Diversifying Career Pathways

Training for graduate and postdoctoral trainee populations traditionally has focused on careers in academic research exclusively. With increasing acknowledgement and support for the diversifying career pathways of graduates and future faculty, funding agencies and institutions including the University of Chicago are reshaping their curricula to integrate commonly needed skills to meet the need of the future biomedical workforce. The myCHOICE (Chicago Options In Career Empowerment) program, funded by an NIH Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training (BEST) grant, was developed to provide expansive career pathway exposure and improve professional skills development for graduate student and postdoctoral trainees in biomedical sciences at the University of Chicago. myCHOICE offers trainees a curriculum based on introductions to career pathways including and beyond academic research. Drawing on the framework established by the Science Careers myIDP (Individual Development Plan) myCHOICE offers introductory seminars in Academic Research, Industry (Pharma/Biotech), Government and Non-Profit Research, Medicine and Healthcare, Law, Policy & Regulation, Business & Commercialization, Science Communication, Science Education and Outreach, Data Science, and Academic & Research Administration. Complementing the seminars are longer workshops in professional skills development necessary for any scientific career path including management, leadership and teamwork, teaching, writing and communications, as well as applied learning opportunities through: 1) on and off-campus internships, 2) themed treks to cities with extensive opportunities in biotech industry, data science and science policy, 3) short-term externship site visits and 4) a mentorship program pairing trainees with alumni and engaged employers. The NIDA T-32 trainees regularly participate in the activities sponsored by myCHOICE.

c) NIDA Training Grant Seminar Series: The T-32 seminar series is organized by Drs King and Green. All trainees and training grant faculty are expected to attend, and typically the meetings are attended by other members of the trainers’ laboratories, including postdoctoral scholars. The meetings are well attended and involve lively discussions by both faculty and trainees.

d) Committee on Neurobiology Weekly Seminars: Trainees who are part of the Committee on Neurobiology are required to attend these weekly seminars, and other TG trainees are encouraged to attend. Below is a partial list of seminars in this year series where the speakers have been invited by TG faculty or the topics presented are relevant to addictive behaviors.