Training Grants

Program Alumni

Addiction Research Training Program Alumni

  • Meera Patel, PhD 2019 (Xiaoxi Zhuang and Daniel McGehee, advisors) is pursing a career in biotechnology
  • Elisa Pabon, PhD 2021 (Harriet De Wit and Andrea King, advisors) is an NRSA Postdoctoral IRACDA Fellow, UCLA
  • Chad Heer PhD 2023 (Mark Sheffield, advisor) is a NRSA Spire IRACDA Postdoctoral Fellow, UNC Chapel Hill
  • Nelson Medina (Daniel Margoliash, advisor) is in training
  • Ross Mansouri-Rad (Daniel McGehee, advisor) is in training 
  • Loren Riedy (Ming Xu, advisor) is in training
  • Jessica Koranda, PhD, 2018-19 (Xiaoxi Zhuang, advisor) is a principal scientist at Abbott Laboratories
  • Ashley Vena, PhD, 2017-19 (Andrea King and Harriet de Wit, advisors) is a scientific director at UChicago
  • Scott Schepers, PhD, 2017-19 is an associate director, medical science liaison, and head, medical affairs analytics at Pear Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Theron Russell, PhD, 2018-21 (William Green and Xiaoxi Zhuang, advisors) is a postdoctoral researcher at UChicago
  • Conor Murray, PhD, 2019-21 (Harriet de Wit) is a postdoctoral scholar at UCLA and the founder of Psynautics 
  • Wanhao Chi, PhD, 2019-21 (Xiaoxi Zhuang, advisor) is a postdoctoral scholar at Nortwestern University
  • Matthew Zammit, PhD, 2021-22 (Chin-Tu Chen, advisor) is a PET/MRI and radiochemistry scientist at the University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Emma Brett, PhD, 2019-22 (Andrea King, advisor) is a staff scientist at the University of Chicago
  • Francis Lee, PhD, 2020-22 (John Schneider, advisor) is a consultant
  • Sam Robinson, PhD, 2021-23 (Don Hedeker, advisor) is pursuing a career in research