Training Grants

Integrative Training in the Neurobiology of Addictive Behaviors

Program Directors: Don Hedecker and Xiaoxi Zhuang

Administrator: Lili Hernandez
Phone: 5-3849

Openings: 1 Predoctoral, 4 Postdoctoral

We train the next generation of addiction scientists to become rigorous and creative investigators to understand, treat and prevent drug abuse. We provide pre- and post-doctoral trainees with both specialized research training in their chosen discipline, and also give them an appreciation for the broader issues related to addiction and addiction-related research, from molecular to policy. We have an experienced and dedicated team of researchers, in a rich and collaborative academic environment. More information is available at the integrative training in addictions training program website.

Predoctoral Opportunities

Predoctoral trainees must first be admitted and enrolled in one of the University’s graduate programs. Graduate programs at UChicago exist in both Departments and in interdisciplinary Graduate Programs (e.g. Committee on Neurobiology), each of which have specific requirements for the doctoral degree.  The Committees are comprised of scientists from different departments (basic science or clinical). Core Faculty in this NIDA Training Program have primary appointments in five departments (Neurobiology, Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, Anesthesia and Critical Care, Public Health Sciences, and Psychology) and two interdisciplinary Graduate Programs (Committee on Neurobiology and Committee on Computational Neuroscience). Predoctoral trainees may enroll in one of several different doctoral programs.  Collaborations among faculty and co-mentorships of trainees are common and they are facilitated by the close physical proximity of participating faculty, who are all on the same campus. Direct questions to 

Post-Doctoral Opportunities

Postdoctoral trainees apply directly to the Core Faculty with whom they wish to work, and they are appointed through the sponsor’s department. If interested, please submit a cover letter and a curriculum vitae to the faculty of interest or to Lili Hernandez. The application process includes an in-person visit and seminar presentation.  Postdoctoral fellows are typically appointed for one year, which may be renewed for a second year.  Postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to seek independent support (e.g., F32 NRSA) to extend their training beyond the two years. For information about postdoctoral life at The University of Chicago please visit the postdoctoral association webpage