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BSD Student Mentor Guide

Student Mentor Guide

Students embarking on their graduate careers are motivated primarily by the research questions they wish to pursue but a good student-mentor relationship is equally important in creating a productive environment. This guide was made for students by students, based on their own experiences and guidelines developed by other universities, to help you make that decision. The Student Mentor Guide is an initiative of the BSD Dean's Council and was designed for students in the Biological Sciences Division at the University of Chicago by E. Leypunskiy, D. Harrison, H. Yoo and V. Prince, with input from the BSD Dean’s Council and the Faculty Graduate Education Advisory Committee. The Student Mentor Guide was a designed by and for students. Please direct feedback to

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A comment from a Faculty member: “I think the new student mentor guide is terrific. It addresses many issues that new students might not be aware of, and many issues that faculty frankly don't think to discuss with their students. I hope everyone considers using it in their lab, and often.” Anonymous, 2.21.2019