Quantitative Analysis Bootcamp 2021

Graduate students joining programs in the Biological Sciences benefit from a unique opportunity to kick start their graduate careers by attending a quantitative analysis bootcamp just before the school year begins.

2021 Bootcamp Schedule and Details

Because of the restrictions in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the 2021 Quantitative Approaches boot camp will be offered as a virtual course shortly before the start of Autumn Quarter: September 7-15, 2021.  Professor John Novembre and Dean Vicky Prince will direct the course, assisted by a team of expert instructors and experienced course assistants.

The traditions of Bootcamp will continue so that the Autumn 2021 matriculants can benefit from establishing a core level of familiarity with computational workflows and the programming language R; and by participating in a range of professional development activities and discussions designed to build camaraderie, to be prepared for the first year of graduate school regardless of the instructional format, and to be introduced more broadly to the University of Chicago community.

Plans for the 2021 program include:

  • Tutorials (short introductions to ideas, methods and techniques that students should master to begin their research path)
    • Introduction to R: separate tracks for the novice and advanced user
    • Exploring and visualizing large data sets
    • Reproducibility: how to make sure other scientists can reproduce the findings
    • Statistics for a data rich world: opportunities and perils provided by large data sets
  • Workshops applying knowledge gained in the tutorials to RNA sequencing, immunology, population genetics
  • Professional development 
    • Navigating the first year
    • Outreach and service opportunities 
    • Planning for your career beyond graduate school
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