Professionalization Requirements

Career Development in Teaching

Interested in pursuing teaching as part of your career?

The Chicago Center for Teaching and Learning has many resources to help with your career development, including a College Teaching Certificate, and a Teaching Fellowship. They also have online resources to help with questions you may have about teaching skills, as well as in-person consultations.

Chicago Center for Teaching Programs:

There are two programs that might be of interest to you:The College Teaching Certificate provides a way to formally document your pedagogical development.

There is a suggested timeline for BSD students, while the application is here.

If you are interested in getting more involved in teaching at the University of Chicago, the CCT also offers a Fellows program. “Chicago Center for Teaching (CCT) Fellows are graduate students with a demonstrated commitment to teaching and interest in how people learn.” If you are interested, this is a suggested timeline for involvement specifically for BSD students

You can find out more about the CCT Fellow program.

Further career development:

You will also want to watch out for careers in teaching programming through myCHOICE. You’ll find some information about various careers, watch their main website for programming information.