Biological Sciences Division Policies Governing Graduate Students

The BSD graduate programs are governed by university, divisional, and programmatic requirements.  Students, faculty and staff may read program requirements in the program handbook.  Below are policies establishing standards and deadlines for all graduate students in the BSD.  

Program requirements might be more specific or answer questions not addressed in these policies.

  1. Divisional policy on meeting the requirements of the graduate programs' comprehensive examination(s) 
  2. Divisional policy on requirements for admission to candidacy to the Ph.D. and for the Ph.D. degree
  3. Divisional policy on requirements for award of a terminal Master's degree
  4. BSD Academic Probation Policy
  5. Recommendation to dismiss
  6. Changing lab or thesis advisor within a degree-granting program
  7. Changing graduate programs
  8. Completing graduate research at another institution
  9. Divisional policy on BSD graduate student training faculty
  10. Divisional policy on graduate student internships