Clinical Therapeutics (T32 GM07019)

Program DirectorsMark Ratain and Eileen Dolan

Administrator: Michelle Domecki
Phone: 2-9699
Fax: 2-9698

Openings: 0 Predoctoral, 6 Postdoctoral

This training program has been designed to provide an education in a broad range of academic clinical pharmacology activities through exposure to both research and clinical activities and studies. The Committee on Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacogenomics is comprised of faculty in the Departments of Anesthesia and Critical Care, Human Genetics, Medicine, Psychiatry, and Pediatrics. Each trainee follows an individually designed program based on his or her background, with minimal core requirements. It is anticipated that most fellows will have a M.D. degree, will have completed their residency training and will be eligible for board certification in their selected specialty. However, qualified applicants with a Ph.D. and Pharm.D. in a relevant discipline will be considered for acceptance into the program. It is also anticipated that some applicants with a M.D. degree will have completed a period of fellowship training in a selected sub-specialty. Applicants are expected to complete a 2-3 year period of training, at the end of which they should be qualified to address clinical pharmacologic issues and research questions within their specialty, as well as be prepared for board certification.

*One slot allocated for a Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology Trainee

Additional Information: More information on fellowship training in clinical pharmacology and pharmacogenomics is available at the program website.

Training Faculty

  • Ratain, Mark J.: Pharmacogentics; clinical pharmacology of anticancer agents
  • Dolan, M. Eileen: DNA damage/repair of anticancer agents that has been extended to the pharmacogenetics
  • Bakris, George: Understanding ethnic disparities in kidney disease development and progression
  • Arlene Chapman: Polycystic kidney disease and hypertension
  • Coccaro, Emil: Intermittent explosive disorder
  • Cohn, Susan: Pediatric cancers and blood diseases
  • Curran, Emily: Immunotherapy for hematologic malignancies
  • Das, Soma: Molecular diagnosis of human genetic disease
  • de Wit, Harriet: Pharmacogenomics of substance abuse
  • Di Rienzo, Anna: Population genetics
  • Fleming, Gini: Novel therapeutics in breast, ovarian, and endometrial cancers
  • Gajewski, Thomas: Developing new treatments in melanoma
  • Kron, Stephen: Roles of chromatin dynamics and cell cycle regulation
  • O'Donnell, Peter: Pharmacogenomics of anticancer agents
  • Olopade, Olufunmilayo: Improve cancer outcomes and reduce health disparities
  • Patnaik, Akash: Early phase drug development of kinase inhibitors and immunotherapy
  • Siegler, Mark: Clinical medical ethics
  • Stock, Wendy: Biomarkers and new drug development in leukemia
  • Strek, Mary: Pharmacotherapy for asthma
  • Yuan, Chun-Su: Herbal medicine
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